Use of Cable Raceway in Industrial Environment

Use of Cable Raceway in Industrial Environment

Electrical Electronics raceway is a simple, organized solution for managing lengths of industrial cable and wire. Raceway itself is the term for a channel cover used to protect wire and cable. The raceway consists of individual, unobtrusive parts that create a system of components that run throughout the environment.

These are cost effective accessories for a range of projects involving communication, electrical and A/V where cables and wire are necessary. The fact is loose and free hanging cable and wire in an industrial setting is a disaster waiting to happen. The situation is a hazard to anyone in the facility. Unfortunately, contractors may need to run cables across areas to power supplies and circuit breakers. They will, of course, do the best they can to keep cable and wire out of the way, but it doesn’t always work out that way. This network of cable and wire can be exposed, at risk for unhealthy wear and tear. They could be pulled on, tripped over and, quite simply, be the source of management headache.

Cable raceway designs can eliminate the risk. With cable raceway and raceway accessories, contractors and maintenance pros have the capacity to put in complex wiring designs without leaving the company opens to potential fires from damaged wire and lawsuits from injuries that were the result of tripping over exposed cable. The installation of these products promises to extend the life of cable and wire, and protect the company as well.

Raceways come in a broad array of styles, developed to meet any number of customer situations. There are flexible and EMT conduits, wire ducts, cable and hose carriers, desk organizers and more. Prewired raceway allows the easy connection of wire on opposite ends. There are also many mount options. They can run along the wall or across the floor or ceiling. There are in-wall capabilities like the multi-service box. They accommodate many power and communication sources with convenient separation for wiring.

The raceways are also excellent solutions for the home as well. Neaten up a home theater system with a raceway. Avoid the possibility of a cat, dog or even rodents chewing on the cable. If you add cable raceway, you greatly increase home security and safety.

How to Choose Best Electrical Wire Connectors for your Application

How to Choose Best Electrical Wire Connectors for your Application

Automotive and heavy equipment has a number of electrical connector option. In many cases, egsun electrical products takes a skilled technician to know the differences between them. Each connector has a different purpose, and you need to be able to select the best electrical wire connector for the job at hand. This will keep your system running as smoothly as possible and keep repairs at a minimum. While time and money are usually the two largest factors in choosing a connector, there are many other things to consider if you truly want the best one for the job.Not all electrical equipment is the same. Each piece will use the connector differently. Consider the location of the new connector and the space available in the equipment. Complex components, such as a GPS unit, will often require a multi-pin connector, rather than a single wire-to-wire crimp. Metri-Pack connectors can be found in a number of different aftermarket components, such as on-board computers or sound systems. Knowing what kind of wire connectors you need will help you get your electrical devices installed as quickly as possible. Look online to see the best cables and parts for your circuit system.
The size of the connector is an important factor in which one you choose. Some connections inside vehicles, terminals and mobile equipment use very small connections because space is very limited. The wire gauge size will also vary greatly depending on the device being installed and the space available. Make sure you know the stud size, if applicable, before making your selection. This will help guide you towards a connector that is right for your specific electrical application.

How your electrical wire connector is being used also should factor into your buying decision. If the device could be exposed to the elements, you may need to consider connectors that have an insulated feature. The space the vehicle or equipment is being stored in can also be a factor in this, especially when there are changes in the temperature. Excessive heat, cold, or moisture can all cause damage to the system. A sealed connector system is crucial if you are going to face any extreme weather conditions at home or work.

Water Ski and Cable Ties

Water Ski and Cable Ties

Ever wondered what happens when you’re in the middle of the lake,Tile Spacer Supplier all alone with millions of human eating creatures below you? Well worry no more.

Last weekend when I was on Cape Cod Bay I woke up early so I could water ski all day. It was my only day off and I was determined to get as much skiing out of the day as possible. However on the second run I got whipped by the boat and had a pretty bad wipe out.

Before I knew it I was surfacing the water to realize my life jacket straps had broken. Already being afraid of the dark abyss below me, I started to panic thinking about all the sharks and octopus and any other irrational fear someone could have while being in the water.

While treading water with my broken life vest waiting for the boat to pick me up I was extremely bummed out that my skiing was over already.

Being pulled back up to the boat I showed my family what happened to the life jacket. Without question my Dad pulled out a plastic bag that we keep in the safety box of the boat. OF COURSE! Cable ties… the instant fix for life jacket and my day. I took out one heavy duty 8 inch black ties and fastened around the jacket buckle in replace of the faulty buckle.

I jumped right back into the water and water-skied the rest of the day. Without cable ties my day would have been ruined. So next time you go out of your boat for a fun filled day of watersports make sure to pack a bag of your 8 inch cable ties!

Scouters Mountain Nature Park art benches complement beauty of surrounding nature

Scouters Mountain Nature Park art benches complement beauty of surrounding nature

When people ask me what I love about Portland I give them a worn list familiar to most local residents.To get more Metro news, you can visit shine news official website.

Within an easy drive you have the Columbia River Gorge with spectacular river views and waterfalls, access to the Pacific coast after a beautiful drive through forests and snow-capped mountain views on a clear day.

It’s a luxury to be able to seek out snow when you want it. In my former home of Minneapolis, winter is like family that comes to visit once a year and stays too long. You pretend to enjoy the company at first, but when they don’t leave, you plan your escape.

This is how my wife and I first came to Portland. Winter was particularly abusive last winter, so instead of going to Florida in March like most Minnesotans, we came here. It took 10 minutes into our drive from the airport to realize that we weren’t slipping over streets coated in a foot of ice. And everything was green!

We were visiting for a three-month house sit in Happy Valley, and we frequently found ourselves in any number of parks that are more like wild forests than any urban park I’ve ever seen in our travels.

One of the parks I kept going back to is Scouters Mountain Nature Park whose many virtues includes a stellar Mount Hood view, a great picnic shelter and a lovely forested trail.

What makes this park really stand out is a series of site-specific benches designed by artist John Christensen. They dot the park at happy intervals and pop out of the forest floor as if nature itself designed them. They aren’t like other benches you’ll find at parks at an overlook or vista; rather, they are designed and positioned to be part of the nature that surrounds them. Not only that, they are adorned with tiny clusters of mushrooms, trees and various other elements you’ll see during a forest hike.After extolling the vast beauty of Portland (and Oregon in general) for so long, it’s nice to find this amount of beauty even on a micro level.

Now when somebody asks me what I love about Portland, I can honestly answer that its beauty isn’t just relegated to its proximity to natural elements. Don’t get me wrong, I do love being able to drive to the ocean and to vineyards and the high desert and waterfalls.

Holland vs England sees two teams in transition meet

Holland vs England sees two teams in transition meet

Upon seeing the team picked for him by the selectors ahead of the 1902 Ashes Test at Old Trafford, the England cricket captain AC MacLaren is reputed to have responded: “My god, look what they’ve sent me this time.” Gareth Southgate may not quite be at that level yet. But as he scans the dressing room at the Johan Cruyff Arena ahead of Friday’s evening’s friendly against Holland, he may well be wondering, with his customary quizzical expression, how it all should have come to this.To get more sport news, you can visit shine news official website.

With all due respect to the likes of Alfie Mawson, James Tarkowski, Nick Pope and Jake Livermore, the squad that Southgate will take to Amsterdam this week is less a golden generation and more a lead balloon, the sort of party to inspire neither hope at home nor fear abroad. Indeed, perhaps the kindest thing you could say about this squad is that if the intention is to dampen expectations ahead of this summer’s Russian examination, it is already doing an excellent job.

You could bicker and quibble, I suppose, about certain selections. Is Livermore really a better bet than Ross Barkley? Lewis Cook than Theo Walcott? Mawson and Tarkowski than Gary Cahill or Chris Smalling? And when there are so few genuinely international-class centre-halves about, you could certainly question Southgate’s determination to play a formation that requires three of them. But really, all this is bumph, bluster, bar-room barracking. The fact is that this – injuries to Harry Kane and Ryan Bertrand notwithstanding – is more or less what we have right now. And this, as a footballing nation, is more or less where we are: a sprinkling of genuine attacking talents bulked out with foam, newspaper, polystyrene curls and those little bags of air they use to pack delicate ornaments. And as England line up against the three-time World Cup finalists, perhaps the only real cause for optimism is that their opponents are having it much, much worse.
In the same way that England cut the silhouette of a fallen giant, a Fighting Temeraire being tugged to her last berth, the rich and storied Oranje brand incites just a fraction of the fervour and fever it did in its pomp. Failure to qualify for two international tournaments in succession has catalysed a sort of gibbering existential crisis within Dutch football that few genuinely believe Ronald Koeman’s side are capable of banishing.The reasons being proffered for Holland’s swift decline are as manifold as they are speculative. A retreat into nostalgia, a refusal to innovate, a failure of youth development and the simple financial imperative of operating as a small nation in a global marketplace have all been suggested as possible factors. What is certainly true is that the geyser of talent that once gushed forth from these polders and deltas has slowed to a dribble. Sacrilegious as it might feel to describe this as a second-rate fixture, offer most neutrals a choice between this match, Argentina v Italy, Germany v Spain and even France v Colombia, and they will vote with their eyes.

Why a top line-up of releasable cable ties makes a winning team

A successful football trainer knows what it takes to win at top level: a combination of strong teamwork and individual players whose technical skills complement each other on the field.
What’s true for a professional team is also true for HellermannTyton’s line-up of releasable and reusable Knot Cable Ties: each tie has its own particular strengths and together they form a powerful ensemble with a lot of match practice behind them.
So next time you face a situation that demands a temporary or repetitive fastening, fixing and bundling solution, there’s no need to throw away and re-tie with a new tie. HellermannTyton has a tried-and-tested team of professionals you can rely on to deliver a winning result.

When we think of cable ties and zip ties, we usually think of products designed to be closed once, permanently. But there are a lot of situations in everyday life that require ties that can easily be reopened and re-used. Specific applications even prescribe the use of releasable ties, such as securing the doors of transport boxes for animals in aircraft. Consider also events on music and theatre stages or at trade fairs where equipment is built, secured and dismantled in quick succession. Or think about the number of times containers, sacks and bags used in the catering industry need to be opened and resealed. Here it makes sound economic sense to use cable ties that can be opened and closed more than once in their lifetime. Repeated use saves money and waste.

A short video on HellermannTyton’s YouTube Channel introduces a range of releasable and reusable cable ties, for the video click here. Over a number of years, these products have been designed and optimised successively to the requirements of customers for non-permanent fastening and bundling in a wide range of industries.

Using Heat Shrink Insulation Tape

Nelco offers a broad spectrum of professional tools and accessories for use in industrial and commercial applications. We can walk you through the benefits of insulated female disconnectors, the wonders of PVC sleeving and why we can’t live without duct tape. But we’re especially impressed with adhesive heat shrink insulation tape.

Heat shrink insulation tape is the resource you need to repair electrical cables, wires, tubing, pipes and more. Apply heat sufficiently and the tape will shrink to about one-third its original size. Once cooled, this creates an airtight protective layer that provides needed defense against corrosives, weather and other risks. RoHS compliant, this unique sealant is being used by professionals for wire spliced connections that cannot be moved, or when regular heat shrink tubing cannot be applied. Use it to insulate breakage created by organic solvents or in systems that are showing unwanted wear and tear.

A high resistance capability makes this product perfect for use indoors and outdoors. Apply adhesive heat shrink insulation tape to the ends of protective sleeves that cover power cable joints. This operation can be performed without disconnecting the components and is an exemplary waterproofing treatment. This product is also a great solution for safeguarding bus bars in power stations and switchgear boards.

Durable and functional, heat shrink insulation tape is an effective maintenance and repair tool. It meets environmental standards and reinforces insulation. It will not come off with age or exposure to elements such as moisture. Of course, it’s not indestructible. Talk with an expert about your intended application so that you understand the limits of heat shrink tape before applying it to your projects. Temperatures in any environment are a critical factor. Chemical factories will have different requirements than a freezer used in meat packing. Heat shrink insulation tape can withstand a broad range of temperatures, but you don’t want to take chances with safety. Sometimes, replacing damaged components may be the smarter alternative to repairing them.

Heat shrink insulation tape is manufactured with a cross-linked polyolefin and an adhesive developed from environmentally responsible materials. Anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive, pipe sealing and waterproof, heat shrink insulation tape is the one you reach for to quickly repair materials suffering damage that could disrupt operations or create a hazardous situation.

Benefits of Custom-Printed Heat Shrink Tubing

When it comes to protecting and organizing cables and wires, there is no better tool than heat shrink tubing. You can find heat shrink tubing in use pretty much anywhere. We’re talking residential, commercial, industrial, aerospace, military settings and more.Wiring Duct The savvy professional knows all it takes is some heat shrink tubing and a hot air gun to effectively safeguard systems from moisture, shock, smoke, flame, chemicals and other hazards. This is a highly adaptable and affordable option that pays for itself in its multitude of uses, flexibility and longevity.

While there are many ways to use heat shrink tubing to manage your systems, such as color coding, when you take advantage of custom printing, you are simplifying system management significantly. No one has to understand the protocol for color-coding when your systems are clearly labelled via specified data. Custom printing can identify company parts, serial numbers, brands, logos and much, much more, giving you a range of options for categorizing your systems. Also, heat shrink tubing with custom printing is a sharp solution for labeling, when you take into account that systems may tangle and can make routing difficult to ascertain.

There is no better way to promote your products than through direct identification. With custom-printed heat shrink tubing, anyone that comes across your product can instantly see that it’s yours. Technology allows the application of company logos and names. Use an image to identify your products! Place an address and phone number for easy communication with your existing (or potential) customers.

Another great benefit to custom-printed heat shrink tubing is the process has a minimized impact on the environment. It leaves less of a footprint than other options for product labeling. Once you have custom printing on your tubing, you can expect promotional and professional benefits, while also maintaining a high level of eco-consciousness that many clients and customers are looking for in today’s business place.

The 18 best health and fitness apps of 2018

Starting a new fitness routine or diet program can be tough, but it’s an endeavor that comes along with a healthy dose of hope and motivation. During week one, workouts hurt so good, grocery shopping isn’t so bad, and meal prepping is downright exciting—you’re finally turning over that new leaf that’s been stuck to the pavement for who knows how long, and it’s your time to carve out those six-pack abs.Find the more health articles from SHINE.

But by weeks two, three, and four, the excuses start piling up. We get it: The gym’s suddenly too crowded, you’re too tired to meal-prep, and maybe your biceps are sore after all those curls. Suddenly, you could use a shot of motivation and structure to get back on track.

One solution that’s become more popular than ever is downloading a fitness app. It’s simple, way cheaper than hiring human help, and it works for plenty of people. So if you find that you need to be held accountable when it comes to diet and exercise, or if you just need an easy method of tracking your already stellar routine, an app may be a great way to do it.There are countless fitness-related apps on the market for both Android and iOS, so it can be tough to sift through the dirt and find a gem or two. So we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and tested a whole swathe of apps. We found 18 that are worth trying if you need a nudge to stay on track.
Comprehensive training apps, which guide you through workouts and exercises;
Quick-hit apps, which focus on shorter workouts for maximum impact;
Outdoor cardio apps, for the more adventurous fit guy;
Nutrition tracking apps, to make keeping your diet on-track as simple as possible;
All-around workout tracking and meal planning apps, for those who want one app to do the job of two or three;
A “get off the couch” app, for all you true beginners out there;
Recovery apps, meant to help your body and mind stay in tip top shape.

A few notes about our methodology:

While most of the apps we chose have been at or near the top of the rankings in their prospective marketplaces, we downloaded all of the apps we considered to get a feel for how they work and make that using them consistently is feasible for everyday users.
We excluded apps that are designed to be used with fitness trackers. Plenty of those apps are great, but they don’t really help unless you have their devices.

Stem cell therapy may help reverse effects of premature menopause

In the two participants who have completed the treatment to date, serum estrogen levels have increased as soon as 3 months after the injection of stem cells, and the effect has lasted for at least one year. Their menopausal symptoms have been alleviated, and six months after the injection of the stem cells into the ovaries, they have resumed menses,” said senior author Ayman Al-Hendy, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Gynecology and Director of Translational Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago.Find the latest healthcare, photos, videos and featured stories on Shine News. SHINE provides trusted national and world news as well as local and regional perspectives.

The researchers plan to enroll 33 participants in their clinical trial. For the two patients who have undergone the procedure so far, they collected each woman’s own mesenchymal stem cells from her posterior iliac crest bone marrow and used minimally invasive laparoscopy to inject the cells into one ovary, keeping the second, untreated, ovary as a control. The authors followed the patients closely with frequent blood work, imaging of the ovaries, menopausal symptom questionnaires, and safety studies.

Now that both women’s estrogen levels have increased significantly and they have begun to menstruate, the research team looks forward to the possibility that they may again become fertile.

“Ultrasound imaging of treated ovaries shows significant size increase in the treated ovaries compared to the contralateral untreated ovaries. In the cases completed so far, the patients have tolerated the treatment very well with no complications or side effects,” Al-Hendy said.

The ovaries produce hormones and eggs typically until menopause in the early fifties, when they stop working. About 1 percent of women have POI, and some are as young as in their teens, the authors wrote in their abstract.

With POI, the ovaries stop working and the women enter early menopause. They lose the ability to menstruate, ovulate and have children using their own eggs, and they may be at increased risk for menopausal symptoms including hot flushes, night sweets, mood swings and vaginal dryness, and for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis-related fracture and earlier cognitive function decline, Al-Hendy said.